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Horror Toy Store

Slim RIP with Skeleton Hands

Slim RIP Tombstone with Skeleton Hands

Weathered shades of grey age this classic rounded shaped tombstone. Simply scary, hard foam stone is 21" tall, 14" wide, and 1/2" in depth. Comes with stands so setup is simple too.

Poseable Skeleton

Poseable Skeleton

A small-scale skeleton that will contort to many positions. Made from hard plastic. Approx. 3 ft. tall.

Deluxe Vampires Grave Tombstone

Deluxe Vampires Grave Tombstone

All that's buried beneath this antique tombstone are ashes. Light grey tombstone has a vampire bat at the base, R.I.P. center, and two skeletal angels heralding the horrors below. Hard foam stone measures 40" tall, 23" wide, and 3.5" in depth.

Hovering Demon Skeleton

Hovering Demon Skeleton

Demonic skeleton hovers horrifyingly by a hanging loop. Winged skeleton has a30" wing span and is sound activated. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

The Simpsons Itchy & Scratchy Spay Anything Set

The Simpsons Itchy & Scratchy Spay Anything Set

Did the sign say "pay" or "spay?" This deluxe boxed set re-creates one of Scratchy's most harrowing moments. He sees a sign at Itchy's Cat Hospital that says "We pay your pet $75" and after entering the hospital, he discovers that it really says "We spay your pet $75!" This 6-inch scale diorama is brighly colored and will keep you giggling for hours. Don't miss out on all the axe-wielding, rocket-firing, violent fun that only this wacky cat and mouse duo can bring you!

Deluxe Royal Saxon Cross Tombstone

Deluxe Royal Saxon Cross Tombstone

A beautifully detailed deluxe monument. This cross tombstone is created in a traditional Royal Saxon style with a center half-skull and wide base with R.I.P message. Tombstone measures 40" tall, 22" wide, and 8.5" deep.

The Simpsons Bust-Ups Treehouse of Horror 2006 Set

The Simpsons Bust-Ups Treehouse of Horror 2006 Set

Treehouse of Horror Bust-Ups - Pure Evil! To gaze upon these bust-ups is to gaze upon the face of pure evil! From the classic Treehouse of Horror editions of The Simpsons, these 2 to 3-inch bust-ups are a hit with fans. This series brings to life such classics as Homer as Death, a Killer Krusty Doll, Werewolf Bart, and Dracula Hibbert. Set includes 4 individually packaged bust-ups: 1x Homer as Death, 1x Killer Krusty Doll, 1x Werewolf Bart, and 1x Dracula Hibbert. (Subject to change.)



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