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Token Paying Market Listings
(between $5 and $15 flat rate per story)

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A Tangled Script of Intangible Soul Engravings
This UK e-zine is looking for stories that run less than 3,000 words although may consider longer works if queried first. Pays $5 US for fiction. Buys one-time electronic rights for approximately 3 months. Author may include a short bio to appear with the work.
Submission Guidelines:

"We're looking for good, solid fiction. We specialize in the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror genres. We will consider other genres, such as humor or general interest, provided that the work possesses an original, "quirky" slant.
Reprints okay, prefers email submissions. Please read guidelines in full. Payment is $15 US flat rate.
Submission Guidelines:

AntiMuse is an online literary/arts/culture publication, published monthly. AntiMuse appeals to a slightly jaded and bitter audience, which means pieces such as "The Cute Thing My Toddler Did Today" will not go over well. We prefer quirky, unique ideas and are generally open to anything. Looking for fiction between 1,000-10,000 words. We will accept previously published material – please say so.
Pays $5.00 - $20.00 flat rate.
Submission Guidelines:

Ballista is seeking short stories up to 3,500 words with a preference for
supernatural, horror, Gothick, fantasy, SF, psychological. All copyrights remain with the author.
Payment is 5 (GBP) plus one contributor copy (International payments via paypal). No reprints. No simultaneous submissions.
Submission Guidelines:

A monthly ezine that is currently looking for horror, science fiction and fantasy. Pays $5 (US) for fiction up to 1,500 words and $10 (US) for lengths over this. No gratuitous sex/violence, graphic rape/child abuse. Flash fiction, to 500 words, must be based on picture posted at website. This mag has a quick return time, and the editors offer a critique rejected stories. Please read guidelines before submitting.
Submission Guidelines:

Champagne Shivers
Needs Horror. "I love horror stories about the Old West, psychological horror fiction, tales about insane asylums, carnivals and traveling shows, crime stories, the mysterious, the unusual or the bizarre, or anything that's well written and at least a little convincing." Third-person narratives preferred.
Other: Now an annual print magazine. Accepts E-submissions only. See website for detailed formatting guidelines. One story or poem per e-mail. Include brief third-person bio. Reprints considered but not preferred.
Fiction: 1200-3500 words, pays $5 ($3 reprints).
Poetry: 30-40 lines, pays 10/line (5/line reprints).
Submission Guidelines:

(The) Dream People

This online magazine specializes in bizarro fiction. They say: “The Dream People is a biannual electronic journal of Bizarro literature, an avant-garde genre of writing and artistry distinguished by absurdity, irrealism, the grotesque, narrative experimentation, dark humor and ultimately a cult sensibility. We are looking for high quality, stylized fiction that escapes the boundaries of reality and attempts to represent the un-representable.
Looking for stories between 300 and 3,000 words. Their current pay rate? The price of a local martini (see guidelines for explanation).
Submission Guidelines:

Webzine looking for well-plotted horror and dark fiction stories under 4000 words. “I am seeking quality, character-driven horror/weird fiction/dark fantasy that evokes a sense of dread: great uneasiness, reluctance, or fear in the face of impending evil.”
Pays $25 for first electronic rights. Payment is made on acceptance. Work published previously in print will be considered, but work having already appeared on the web will not. Even appearance in a web workshop may count, depending on the circumstances, so if this is the case inquire first. Please include any previous publication information in your cover e-mail.
Submission Guidelines:

Seeking Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror and/or surrealism. "Great Hall" takes original fiction to any length (query for 40k words or more). "Crown & Thistle Inn" takes re-tellings of traditional folktales, with bibliographic sources if applicable; shorter is better. Poetry should be mythic and folkloric. Check website for which sections are currently open to submissions.
Other: Reprints okay; e-subs okay.
Fiction: pays $5-$10.
Poetry: pays $2-$5.

Far Sector SFFH

Accepting submissions of Science Fiction, Dark Fantasy and Horror. Likes suspense; avoid gratuity. Wants literary writing. Avoid "surprise" endings and "potty language."
Other: E-subs only, in body of e-mail or as RTF file. Publishes in a variety of e-formats in conjunction with Fictionwise.com. Formerly "Deep Outside: Speculative and Dark Fiction Magazine."
Fiction: 3000-6000 words, pays $10 advance on royalties.
Please read guidelines carefully before submitting
Submission Guidelines:

Fear and Trembling
Pays $5 for horror and dark fiction under 3,000 words. Stories must be suitable for a Christian audience. Under no circumstances will we consider works that include R-rated language, disturbing violence, or graphic sexuality.
Submission Guidelines:

Full Unit Hookup
Accepting Science Fiction, Dark Fantasy, urban Fantasy, magic realism, slipstream, humor and mainstream. No horror, no high fantasy.
Other: E-subs only (query for snail-mail submissions). Reprints okay but not preferred for fiction; originals only for poetry. For poetry, traditional forms okay, but must do something different with them.
Fiction: 500-5000 words, pays $10 + one contributor copy 30 days after publication.
Submission Guidelines:

The Harrow
The Harrow seeks stories, poems, and art that fall within the fantasy and supernatural horror genres. The plot should contain or imply the presence of the magical or supernatural. To count as "horror," the work must also evoke an emotion such as apprehension, dread, anxiety, and fear. Horror does not need to shock or disgust; if it evokes a quieter sense of the eerie or uncanny, it still counts as horror.
Conventionally structured and character-driven plots are preferred
Word count: 7500 words.
Pays $5.00 for stories and $3.00 for poems.
Submission Guidelines:

Horror Carousel
Horror Carousel is a printed, horror-fiction magazine, which aims to define the darker conditions of human life and explore the more visceral range of human emotions. Seeking quality horror fiction.
Accepts all things horror: Classic Monsters, Vampires, Cthulhu Mythos, Quiet Horror, Splatterpunk, Psychological, Occult/Supernatural, Dark Fantasy, and Dark Suspense. But please do not send Erotic Horror. Published stories have been reminiscent of Weird Tales (classic and modern), EC Comics, The Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and Stephen King.
Payment is $10 per story and 1 contributor’s copy.
Submission Guidelines:

Horror Masters
This is an ezine that charges readers to peruse fiction. You submit five stories and get paid depending on amount of times your stories are downloaded. Every story is accepted for upload – so be aware that there is no editorial input toward quality of available stories. Pay is calculated per view by story length (e.g. 1,000 words – 10 cents per story view). Author received 80% of revenue generated by his/her stories
They allow submissions of previously published stories. It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that all submissions can be legally published by HorrorMasters.
Please read full guidelines before submitting.
Submission Guidelines:

Hungur Magazine
Print magazine specializing in vampire fiction. Looking for science fiction and fantasy stories involving, you guessed it, VAMPIRES. Seeking original works in a rich, decadent, literary artery… er, vein. Blood may be drunk, sucked, siphoned, or otherwise imbibed, but that drinking is only tangential to the successful HUNGUR story. The relationships between characters, and especially between vampires and their milieux, are of primary importance here. It is not necessary that the vampire be killed. He, or she, may be abated, or lionized, as the writer wishes. Note: The really successful HUNGUR vampire story deals with alien or extra-terrestrial vampires, in whatever form, and their relationships, or lack thereof, with Earthlings. In other words, we really want to see science fiction and fantasy vampires, more than horror Earth vampires.
Pays $10 for fiction and $4 for poems. Stories must be between 500-6,000 words.
Submission Guidelines:

Lovecraft's Weird Mysteries
This print magazine is looking for classic supernatural horror stories in the vein of HP Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, Robert E. Howard, Seabury Quinn, Hugh Cave and other authors from the classic era of pulp fiction. No Sci-fi, sword & sorcery, quest fantasy, vampires or werewolves. Avoid child protagonists. Like ghost stories inspired by Arthur Machen, Algernon Blackwood, M.R. James and others. Email for current guidelines.
They pay $10 and a copy for fiction under 5,000 words. LWM does NOT take email submissions.
Submission Guidelines:

Lullaby Hearse
This web zine (formerly print) is looking for dark fiction, horror, slipstream. "Fiction, poetry, and art with a focus on unique, vivid, and dark imagery. Dark fiction must be well-honed, and can't rely on hackneyed plots or stock characters. Reality based and startling literary fiction is encouraged." "If your quality of writing is high, but your fiction or poetry contains elements too graphic or explicit to be accepted in general horror/fantasy or literary publications, you stand a good chance of acceptance here. Unique images, unusual story structure, and flawed characters are greedily sought."
Fiction to 4,000 words. Pays $10-15
Submission Guidelines:

Midnight Street
Seeking horror, sci-fi, fantasy and slipstream up to 6,000 words.
No slasherfests, technobabble, high fantasy. Fantasy should maintain some connection with our world.
E-subs okay. Reprints considered but not preferred.
Pays 2.50/1000 words.
Poetry: any length, pays 2.50.

Mount Zion Speculative Fiction Review
Always seeking original horror and dark fantasy. Although we prefer Appalachian settings, we value excellent stories above all else.. Horror does not have to have supernatural elements.
Other: E-subs preferred; RTF or *.doc attachment. See website for detailed formatting guidelines. If you're a high school student, include name of your high school in cover letter. Reprints okay.
Fiction: 3,000-10,000 words, pays $1 plus one contributor’s copy.
Submission Guidelines:

Mythic Delirium
Seeking Poetry: SciFi, Fantasy, Horror and cross-genre. Preference for traditional forms (sonnets, sestinas, rondelles, blank verse, etc.), but no "forced" rhyme; lines should share a common rhythm, not just end in words that sound the same. "We are interested in work that demonstrates ambition, that casts new light on genre tropes, that introduces readers to the legends of other cultures, that re-evaluates the myths of old from a modern perspective, that twists reality in unexpected ways." Pays $5 on publication. No reprints.
Submission Guidelines:

Needs submissions of Scifi/fantasy and horror. Make it darkly mysterious or outrageously funny, but make it fresh.
No gratuitous sex, violence, gore.
Other: E-subs only, as RTF files. Reprints okay, if story has only appeared once.
Fiction: 500 to 10000, pays $10.
Submission Guidelines:

Necrotic Tissue
... dark is not enough. We are into horror, both speculative and psychological. Don't sprain yourself reaching for the dictionary, Necrotic means dea and Tissue is any kind of aggregate organic matter: muscle, skin, organs, blood or bone. This doesn't mean we're looking for Zombie stories, but if you have a good one, we will give it a read. Stories that take place in hospitals or with a medical theme will have a better chance. We are always looking for a good Monster jerky recipe or any other good Monster story. Stories between 100-5,000 words only.
Payment: The 100 word story (to include title) = $20. 100 words precisely, not 99 and not 101. This is a 100 word story to include the title.
101 to 1,000 = $10
1,001 to 3,000 = $15
3,001 to 5,000 = $25
Submission Guidelines:

Poe Little Thing
This print poetry magazine is looking for horror, speculative, gothic, and science fiction poetry under 50 lines. Pays $5 and a copy.
Read the guidelines here:

Pseudopod is an audio genre zine looking for horror. They apply a fairly broad definition to ‘horror’ running the spectrum from supernatural horror (Dracula) to realistic horror (Cujo). What matters is that the sotires should be dark and they should be entertaining. Will consider reprints.
Short Fiction – between 2,000 and 6,000 words Pays $20
Submission Guidelines:

Rage Machine Magazine
Wants sci-fi, fantasy, horror, adventure, weird Western, weird mystery, hard-boiled. ". . . pace is first and foremost. I don't want a single story that starts slowly and builds. Catch me in the first paragraph. Hold me for the first page. Take me to the whirlwind finish."
Fiction: 5,000-10,000 words, pays 10% of revenues.

Raven Electrick
Looking for sci-fi, fantasy, horror, mystery. Nothing stronger than a PG rating. No violence towards children. No cannibalism, evisceration, skinning. H should be supernatural.
Other: E-subs only, as attached RTF or text file. See website for detailed formatting guidelines. This market has a very small submission window. Only accepts submissions 1-28 February
Fiction: to 1000 words, pays $10.
Poetry: to 40 lines, pays $10.

Reflection's Edge
Seeking submissions of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, erotica, adventure, magic realism, Western, myths. No literary/realistic fiction please.
Authors must be 18+. E-subs only, in body of e-mail.
Fiction: 500-10000 words,
Pays $15 for first electronic publishing rights and the right to archive your story. Also, a $50 bonus is awarded each month to a favorite story or essay chosen.
Submission Guidelines:

Rogue Worlds
Wants sci-fi, fantasy, horror, sword & sorcery and mystery. Mystery should have supernatural element. SF -- prefers "dark, weird, or humorous pieces." No porn, gore, child abuse. Likes poetry that leans toward the darker side. E-subs only, RTF file preferred.
Fiction: 1,000-10,000 words, pays $10 on publication.
Submission Guidelines:

Scribe Press
This market is looking for horror, fantasy, or science fiction between 4000 and 50,000 words. Pays 1 cent per word up to $25 for work appearing on the website and $200 plus 10% royalty for novel length work in print.
. Unpublished authors must contact before subbing.
Submission Guidelines:

Shimmer Magazine
Looking for sci-fi, fantasy, horror and magic realism. Avoid experimental fiction and trick endings. No heartwarming or cute stories. Unusual and beautifully-written speculative fiction stories with full plots and strong characters. The best way to understand what we are looking for is to read an issue of the magazine.
Accepts E-subs only, as *.doc or *.rtf attachment. Also an e-zine.
Payment and Rights: Authors will be paid 1 cent per word, minimum $10, maximum $30. In other words, stories 1000 words and under: $10. 1001-3000 words: 1 cent per word. 3000 words and up: $30. You’ll also receive a copy (both print and electronic) of the issue in which your story appears. Additional contributor copies available at the subscription rate.
Submission Guidelines:

Sybil's Garage
Looking for sci-fi, fantasy, horror, slipstream up to 5,000 words.
We have a tendency to prefer the strange. We encourage stories from diverse perspectives, settings and origins. See guidelines for current needs.
Other: E-subs only, as *.rtf attachment. Published in PDF and print formats.
The payment breakdown is as follows:
For all works of fiction, 2000-5000 words, $15, plus 2 print copies
For all works of fiction, 1-1999 words, $10, plus 2 print copies
For all works of poetry, $10, plus 2 print copies
Submission Guidelines:

Tales Of The Talisman
Science Fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories to 6000 words and poems to 50
lines. Reading periods are quite strict. Please read guidelines in full before submitting. Pays $10 US plus one contributor copy.
Note: “Above all we are looking for thought-provoking ideas and good writing. Speculative fiction set in the past, present, and future are welcome. Admittedly, science fiction, fantasy and horror are broad genres that overlap many other genres. We welcome cross-genre stories, but they must have some element of science fiction or fantasy. We have published western/fantasy cross-genre stories and horror/science fiction cross genre-stories and more.”

Three-Lobed Burning Eye
A magazine of speculative fiction: horror, dark fantasy and magical  realism. "Stories that monsters like to read" since 1999. Seeking  quality, professional stories valuing originality. Published 2-3  times per year, plus an annual print anthology. No poetry, non- fiction or fan fiction. Please read an issue and guidelines before  submitting. Simultaneous & multiple submissions: no. Reprints: query.  7000 words max. E-subs only: via on-site form. Pays $13 plus a copy of annual print anthology.Check site guidelines for details.
Submission Guidelines:

Well Told Tales
We're looking for edgy fare, 2,000 to 4,000 words (give or take), in the horror, sci-fi and hardboiled (ie: crime or detective) genres.The main thing we look for is quality. Payment is $20 US.
Submission Guidelines:

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