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Diabolic Publications
Diabolic Publications publishes trade and mass paperback print-on-demand editions, ebook editions as well as some limited hardcover editions. “We want suspenseful, terrifying novels with dark atmosphere and chilling plots. Supernatural horrors (ghosts, vampires, demons, monsters, etc.) are strongly favored.”

Submit synopsis and first three chapters only – no complete manuscripts unless specifically requested.

Accepting submissions in the following categories:

Fiction: Dark fantasy, Dark poetry, Erotic Horror, Erotic Gothic/Historic Horror, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Occult, Suspense/Thriller.

Non-Fiction: Dark Paganism, Magick Occult, Paranormal, Satanism, Vampirism, Underground Culture

Please read guidelines in full before submitting:

Submission Guidelines: http://www.diabolicpublications.com/submissions.html



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