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Non-Paying Market Listings
(payment in exposure, contributor's copies or advertising space)

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Bloodlust UK
An online e-zine for vampire fiction. The editor appreciates a modern spin on the vampire theme. He provides feedback on rejected stories. Bloodlust is no longer a paying market. It is, however, a slick e-zine. So it’s worth checking-out.
Full writers’ guidelines are available on the website.
Submission Guidelines:

Blood, Old Lipstick, Black Magick
Is an ezine/writer's forum that offers exposure published stories or poems. They currently seek horror, romantica, and fantasy. Be sure to read the guidelines for a more thorough explanation of how the ezine works.
Submission Guidelines:

Corpse Fuck
This hardcore ezine is looking for stories between 400-3000 words that involve sex and violence. Pays exposure.
“This site is about morbid, erotic and bizarre short stories. The topics that are mostly encouraged are sex and violence. Stories that fit into the horror, odd, splatter punk, absurd, slasher, erotica, or porn catagories. Extreme stories are welcome, just try not to break any laws. No child porno or animal sex. This is a site about intense fantasies and should be treated as such. No one is encouraging or promoting real life violence. Know the difference or leave the site.”
Submission Guidelines:

Horror Express
Themed magazine looking for horror, dark mystery, and suspense fiction up to 6,000 words. Likes stories that are powerful, creepy, and disturbing. Dark suspense, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery and crime fiction are also welcome as are supernatural and psychological tales. Pays one contributor's copy.
Submission Guidelines:

Horror Library Slushpile
This contest/webzine is looking for all types of horror between 100-4,000 words. Editors select five stories a month to run. No pay, but winner gets a critique. See site manuscript formatting and specific guidelines.
Submission Guidelies:

There are three main rules for submissions: Stories need to be in the horror genre, they need to be under 666 words, and most importantly, they need to be written by you. Non-paying market at this time.
Submission Guidelines:

Night Terrors Magazine
This print mag currently pays 2 contributor copies for works of short fiction/horror. Check extensive guidelines before submitting.
Submission Guidelines:

Pretty Scary
Women only, must register (free) to submit. Pay is exposure only. 4,000 words maximum. All sorts of horror OK. Submit via online form or e-mail
Submission Guidelines:

Saucy Tales
A small web-zine looking for horror stories involving ghost, vampires, zombies, witches, werewolves, and other "throwback" characters and themes. See site for full details. Offers feedback and exposure.
Submission Guidelines:

Shroud Magazine
Shroud considers horror, dark mystery, dark fantasy and suspense short stories up to 5,000 words. Thriller and Suspense tales with a horror aspect are also welcome. Rates of two to five cents per word, plus one contributor copy. Payable within 30 days of publication. Up to 5,000 words; maximum payment of $250. All rights revert to the author upon publication.
Submission Guidelines:

Skullgrinder Magazine
This new e-magazine is currently accepting submissions of short fiction, poetry, and artwork. Pays exposure.
Submission Guidelines:

Static Movement Online
A bi-monthly e-magazine that is accepting horror, fantasy, and science fiction submissions. Flash fiction, Short fiction, and poetry is accepted. Currently pays exposure. For further information please go to the website
Submission Guidelines:

Underworld Tales
This horror ezine is currently a non-paying market. Max of 8000 words.
Submission Guidelines:

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