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Australian Horror Writer's Assocation
The Australian Horror Writers Association is an non-profit organization that was unofficially formed in late 2003, with the aim of becoming the focal point and first point of reference for Australian writers and fans of the dark side of literature.

Beyond Light - Forum for Dark Poetry writers

BloodBinds Press - publisher of horror stories and books

Gothic.net - great horror site, featuring articles, horror fiction, forums and more

Horror Find - Huge horror search engine. For everything horror, your search begins here...

Horror Garage - is a print magazine publishes twice yearly, which combines the best in original dark fiction with the finest in horrific rock n’ roll.

Horror Masters - good pay-per-view horror fiction site, offering readers the chance to read some truly creepy horror at really good prices!

Horror Moon - a horror site, delving into ghosts and the paranormal, includes some horror fiction

Horror Scope
Excellent Australian horror webzine filled with new, reviews and articles on horror and dark speculative fiction

Horror Web - a scream-packed, terror-laced, horrific place to find the latest Horror news, events, and fiction available.

Horror Writer's Association - HWA is a worldwide organization of writers and publishing professionals dedicated to promoting dark literature and the interests of those who write it.

Macabre Menace - Online horror fiction

Necronomicon Press - Publishers of horror fiction - a small press devoted to the 'weird' fiction field.

Nightshade Books - Night Shade Books is dedicated to publishing quality fiction by both new and established contemporary writers.

Sinister City - Online webzine dedicated to fictional expressions of fear!

Twisted Fiction - This site aims at helping you to publish and promote your fiction

Hauntings and Spooky Tales for Halloween

Horror Market Guide

Writing Horror! Buy from Amazon.com
Buy Through Amazon.com

On Writing Horror - by Stephen King

walk with the dead


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