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The Easy Way to Write a Horror Novel

a brand new e-course from robparnell & M Kenyon Charboneaux

Click HERE to purchase this very special E-course now!

“Sunrise 2002.

“A man came out of the east, riding a motorcycle, streaking along lush county roads, down long sky-filled highways; weaving through a hundred small deserted towns and big bustling cities.

“He laughed, enjoying it all - all the vast intimidating scenery, all the dark smoky factories, all the wild snaking paths - across a sumptuous land he had great cause to call home: the United States of America.

“His America. The land he understood and since childhood had written about prolifically.

“All this, even after an accident that had nearly crippled him for life, physically and emotionally, he rode.

“He rode for the sense of freedom, he rode for independence, he rode to prove he was strong and could be in the running for the best.

“But most of all, he rode…because he could.

“Along the way, he signed copies of his books, talked animatedly to his fans and smiled the wide smile of a best-selling author.

“His name was Stephen King.”

He could have taken planes, trains or limousines. He could have stayed at the best hotels and dined in the fanciest restaurants, surrounded by industry professionals, PR staff and all the usual hangers-on but no, the King of Horror chose, at the height of his fame and career, to do something personal and profound.

How many of us could boast that kind of integrity?

How many of us can say we live with such dignity and lack of compromise?

To me, being a horror author is not about writing scary stories for the masses. No,
it’s about having a responsibility to be true – yes, to report on the dark side of the soul but also to be pure and well meaning at heart.

To me, horror is more than a genre – it’s long been a platform from which great and important issues are confronted with sometimes surprising intelligence, wisdom
and subtlety.

Because, as any die-hard horror fan will tell you – myself included - good horror and dark fantasy is not about the gore and the shocks – it’s about STORY, THEME and MORAL INTEGRITY.

In this spirit…

I humbly offer you this supremely valuable brand new resource:

The Easy Way to Write: The Horror Novel.

Click here to experience this very special ecourse now.

The course is being presented by the multi award winning, best-selling author of Blood Kiss and Cri de Coeur - M Kenyon Charboneaux – YES, the real thing: a bona fide successful horror writer!

How cool is that?

You’re in for a treat because Kenyon will go out of her way to hold your hand, nurture your talent and make darn sure you write to the very best of your ability over the entire 10 week course.

Last year some of Kenyon’s students were SO inspired by her style and expertise, they got together to produce a fantastic compilation called ‘Adumbra’, now published, printed and available from Magellan Books.

You see, the thing is that Kenyon personally coaches every student – and that really makes a difference. Big time.

She’s patient, attentive and thorough.

Plus, she’s kind and caring – all of her students will attest to this – she’s never cruel, only ever helpful and encouraging. And she can improve your writing OVERNIGHT!

If you ever wanted to dramatically advance your writing in safe hands, then Kenyon is the right mentor for you.

By the way (in case you didn’t know!): This kind of individual attention to your needs is virtually unheard of on the Net.

You’d be crazy to shun it.

The Easy Way to Write: The Horror Novel

Click here to experience this very special ecourse now

On sign up you get a thorough introduction to the genre, its history and importance, plus valuable tips on how to organize your time and writing space to maximum benefit – all from a professional, working novelist!

Then, over the following three weeks, you will receive important lessons on writing
preparation, character analysis, plotting good stories and doing research, plus tips
on setting, creating compelling ‘evil’, convincing motivations and other crucial dark fantasy elements.

Then, in weeks 5 to 10, you’ll learn how to go about actually writing your novel – how to pace correctly, where to place observers and protagonists for maximum effect, how much blood and gore to use (or not use) and how to tap into pertinent issues like sex and death and confront the nature of good and evil without rhetoric.

And all the while you’ll belong to a lively, members only forum where you’ll be able to discuss any issues you might have with your writing, the e-course, one on one with Kenyon or with any of your virtual class-mates.

As you can imagine, places on this e-course are limited.

This is how it works: As soon as the class reaches capacity, the doors close and this rare opportunity to work closely with a real live novelist will be gone forever.

So, before it’s too late, go here now to reserve your spot:

Click here to experience this very special ecourse now

Listen. Don’t waste time debating whether this is the right time to take this amazing
e-course! Surely, it’s ALWAYS the right time to write a great novel. As Kenyon herself says:

“Over the 10 weeks, we'll cover everything from excellent writing, to overcoming
writer's block and negative attitudes, to tips on living the writer's life most efficiently using the best Easy Way to Write techniques.

“Plus, I’m going to personally help you every step of the way. Because when you
finish this course, I want you not only to have a good knowledge of the genre, but
also a solid grounding in writing a novel, period; a novel of any genre - even a mainstream or literary novel - in other words, that Holy Grail of Writing, The Great American Novel.”

Not only that, Kenyon has also agreed (after much haggling from yours truly – okay I begged!) to offer this course at less than half what she would normally charge – but only for you, because you're a Fiction Factor subscriber.

This course (and all its potential benefits to your career) would normally sell for at
least $280, if not A LOT more. (Just take a look around!)

But for now, just this one time only, we can offer this totally unique, success assured e-course to you for just $77.

(Sharp intake of breath) Is that all?

Now that’s a serious saving.

But - remember, this offer is only open until the class fills up. After that, the classroom door closes, forever.

Come, join Kenyon on this exciting journey.

The Easy Way to Write: The Horror Novel.

As always, I’m offering my unique ‘Easy Way to Write’ lifetime guarantee on this. If at any time in the dark distant future you don’t feel you’ve taken the best and most profitable e-course on the Net, you can have all of your money back, instantly, no problem. You can take that to the bank.

Click here to experience this very special ecourse now

After registration, you’ll be taken to a special page where you’ll be able to download the course ‘welcome pack’ instantly and receive instructions on how to enter the members only forum.

Act now. There are limited spaces on this e-course and this less than half price
offer will end once the course is filled!

Yours in success,

Creating Better Writers

PS: As always with Easy Way to Write resources, you can get a full refund at any time (and that means any time - ever - no time limit!), plus you get to keep all the materials you receive.

Writing Horror! Buy from Amazon.com
Buy Through Amazon.com

On Writing Horror - by Stephen King


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