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Writing Horror
This section is devoted to articles covering the basics of writing horror fiction.

Horror Sub-Genres
by Paula Guran
The horror genre has broken off into so many separate branches that several distinct sub-genres were formed to cater to the varying tastes of discerning horror lovers.

The Other in Fiction: Creating Wonderfully Wicked Villains
by Carolyn Kaufman, PsyD
Characters with psychological problems and quirks have appeared as long as people have told stories. So how do you write these quirks into your tale believably?

Horror Fiction - Ten Cliches to Avoid
by William Meikle
For anyone thinking about writing in the horror genre, there are certain situations that, over the years, have been done so often that the audience knows exactly what to expect. Here are some cliches to avoid.

Top Ten Tips for Writing Good Horror Fiction
by Alan To

Want to write the perfect horror story? Here are ten useful tips for you

No Bones About It: How to Write Today's Horror
by David Taylor
Part I: The Seeds Of Horror
Horror is everywhere. And to write it successfully we need to know why.
Part II: What Today's Readers Want
Do you know what today's readers want to see in a good horror?
Part III: What Today's Readers Don't Want
Do you know what will make today's readers turn away from an author?
Part IV: Horror Novel Checklist
Writing great horror goes beyond sticking to the basic principles of fiction. This checklist looks at what other elements you might need to add to your horror.

Elements of Aversion: What Makes Horror Horrifying?
by Elizabeth Barrett
People often wonder what makes scary stories so attractive. Why do we find thrillers thrilling? Why does horror horrify us? What gives creepy tales their compelling magnetism? How does horror work? How do you write successful horror? Elizabeth looks at the ingredients needed to make horror horrifying!

Suspending Disbelief
by Dr. Vicki Hinze
What does a writer do when a novel contains an element that requires a serious suspension of disbelief? How exactly does the writer incorporate that element so that the reader buys into the premise?

The Bottleneck
by Gary Thomas
A bottleneck in a horror story is any enclosed area in which potential victims are trapped while the monsters-- be they supernatural horrors or crazed human killers-- prowl around outside.

Creating an Environment for a Horror Story
by Sarah Todd
The setting for any horror story can become as integral as the characters and the horror elements themselves. Getting the setting right can help to add atmosphere to any horror story.

Creating a Character for a Horror Story
by Sarah Todd
The most important part of fiction is the characters you create to tell your story. A good horror story character is a fictional being every bit as alive and as much a unique individual as anyone with whom we are acquainted.

Why Horror Scares Us
by Richard Spurling
Not all horror stories are about creating a sense of fear - they are about instilling a deep sense of horror. Richard looks at why horror is scary!

What Makes Horror Scary?
by Richard Spurling
What ingredients does a horror story need to be considered truly scary? Richard looks at things to include into any frightening story!

Review: On Writing Horror
by Tamara Kaye Sellman

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On Writing Horror - by Stephen King



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